Dedicated to preserving India’s cultural monuments

Our Mission at the Culkey Foundation (CF) brims with hope and optimism as we lead the charge in safeguarding Karnataka’s most cherished monuments. Based in Bengaluru, our dedicated team of experts, under the guidance of our chairman, is driven by a profound commitment to enriching lives and fostering mutual understanding among diverse cultures and communities.

Under the leadership of our chairman, CF has left an indelible mark by preserving cultural sites and uplifting artisans and craftsmen, all while championing environmental conservation. From revitalising Bengaluru’s lakes to nurturing greenery beneath the Namma Metro, our chairman and our team’s endeavours have showcased the transformative power of heritage preservation.

Our journey has been one of collaboration and progress. As the appointed ‘Project Management Unit’ for the flagship program ‘Namma Smaraka’ under the ‘Adopt a Monument’ scheme by the Government of Karnataka, we’ve partnered with stakeholders to breathe new life into 20 monuments, with an estimated value of $1.2M donations raised. But our aspirations stretch further as we pave the way for the adoption of over 800 additional monuments.

Through our partnerships with the Government of Karnataka, generous funders, and local communities, we tackle some of today’s most pressing challenges head-on. From climate change mitigation to promoting equitable tourism and facilitating post-crisis recovery, the CF team, under our chairman’s leadership, leverages our rich heritage to address societal needs.

Above all, we believe in the power of the past to shape a brighter future. With unwavering dedication to those who infuse monuments with vitality, CF is committed to fostering a resilient and inclusive society, where heritage serves as a beacon of hope for generations to come.

Our Values

An awe-inspiring feeling.

Humanity’s extraordinary achievements awe us. We cherish diverse heritage, amplify marginalised voices, and shield it from destruction.

A People-First Approach

Communities have molded the world’s invaluable and distinct locations, providing sustenance across generations. The vital bond between place and community propels our efforts, rooted in collaborative endeavors. We espouse humility, attentive listening, and continuous learning as we craft initiatives aimed at fostering enduring social and economic advantages for local communities.

A Can-Do Attitude 

We engage in all endeavors with fervor, a willingness to tackle challenges, and a prompt response in even the most rigorous environments—while adhering to the utmost international standards in cultural heritage preservation and actively involving stakeholders to further advance the field.

Namma Smaraka Adoptors

Our Team 

Our team is acknowledged as among the most talented and adept individuals in the realm of heritage preservation.

Meet our Team

Shri Prashanth Prakash