COVID-19 Relief Work

88 Donors

45 Days

23 Volunteers

17.5 Lakhs Raised

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented wake-up call for all of humanity, engulfing the entire world and posing serious challenges to our health and economic security.

At the Culkey Foundation, our mission to adopt, preserve, and sustain historic sites naturally extended to supporting the stakeholders within this ecosystem. Among these stakeholders are the priests who serve in live monuments, earning negligible salaries and relying heavily on the revenue from ritualistic services.

With the cessation of all activities, these priests faced severe financial difficulties. Recognizing their struggle, the Culkey Foundation took decisive action. In collaboration with the Karnataka Archakara, Agamikara & Upadhivanthara (Priests) Sangha, we initiated a donation drive. In less than 45 days, we successfully crowdsourced over 17.5 Lakhs and distributed more than 2,200 ration kits.

This swift and impactful response highlights our commitment to supporting and sustaining our communities, embodying the true spirit of our ethos: “Adopt, Preserve, and Sustain.” Together, we can overcome even the most formidable challenges, fostering a safer and more united world.

2200 Kits Distributed


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