Preservation and conservation in the face of swift urbanisation

Our Local First Approach
Saving our cultural heritage

The stories these sites hold are eternal, but they face severe threats. Our cultural gems are under constant siege from time, neglect, nature, and human actions. Safeguarding this heritage is the primary focus of the Culkey Foundation. We work closely with local governments, funders, and professionals to ensure preservation, restoration, and ongoing care.

Safeguard Treasured Places

We depend on the active engagement of a dedicated global community passionate about cultural heritage to accomplish our mission. Your tax-deductible donation directly funds preservation projects, fieldwork, advocacy, and educational programs at cherished sites worldwide. By supporting the Culkey Foundation, you help sustain our commitment to safeguarding irreplaceable heritage sites and the individuals dedicated to their preservation, ensuring their protection both now and in the future. Your contribution plays a crucial role in preserving these treasures for generations to come.

As we strive to preserve these sites for future generations, our vision transcends mere repair and restoration.

Raising awareness and igniting action

In November 2023, the Namma Smaraka Yatra journeyed in Karnataka under the leadership of Shri HK Patil, Minister for Tourism, Government of Karnataka. This expedition spanned 5 districts, visiting X monuments, and engaging with district administration, local historians, and stakeholders. The Yatra aims to bolster the ‘Namma Smaraka’ initiative, with a target of securing a minimum of 100 monument adoptions.

As the Project Management Unit (PMU), the Culkey Foundation is entrusted with reaching out to potential adopters and guiding them through the adoption process, implementation, and achieving long-term sustainability for these monuments.

Nurturing communities for long-term sustainability

The Culkey Foundation works alongside local partners to nurture the economic, technical, and social infrastructures vital for present opportunities and enduring site preservation. In instances of limited local resources, the Culkey Foundation mobilizes international specialist teams to initiate pilot projects, create training programs, and strategize for the long-term stewardship of sites.

Modernizing our monuments through digitization

The Government of Karnataka, in collaboration with the Karnataka State Science community, has conducted 3D scanning of 530 monuments. These scanned monuments possess the potential to generate digital assets such as AR/VR, Metaverse, Walkthrough, and more. The Culkey Foundation, in partnership with its technology allies, is tasked with establishing a platform for startups and others to leverage these repositories and create digital assets.

Research initiative

Amidst the scarcity of professionals in this field, hope arises for a solution. While a comprehensive research book may capture various perspectives from archaeologists, historians, mythologists, artists, and more about a monument, there’s a pressing need for a well-organized platform where all stakeholders can contribute their insights.

A research initiative is underway to establish a monument identity system. This system will encapsulate all attributes of the monuments as sub-IDs to organize the research material efficiently. Moreover, utilizing AI/ML technology, the platform aims to curate and process information in both international and vernacular languages, fostering a collaborative approach towards monument preservation.