Current Projects

Our Research Initiative

The Bharat Calendar Project

In association with Bherunda Media under the auspices and guidance of His Highness Yadiveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar

The last calendar committee report from Government of India was Published in 1955; we have been researching how calendars have transformed since Indus Valley civilization till now.

Many follow 2-3 Calendars & different calculations / calendars; people are finding it difficult to make their children understand / follow the family / sect-specific cultural values & rituals and working to build a unified Bharat Calendar and also to see if we could help revive the calendar committee report.


A Platform for Calendar Makers

Currently Most of the Almanac and Panchanga’s are in Paper format and printed, and this applies to only one specific location and custom, thise who follow such calendars add +/- their Time Zone to follow their Geo Belief’s which is not correct as per our Shastra’s and which worls on that Locations Sunrise / Sunset.

We are building a platform to customize your belief and practice. Many follow 2-3 Calendars & different calculations and there is no platform today to compare calculations & beleifs to understand.

we aim to help Calendar Makers to integrate their feature’s with the Geo Location Feature’s and other API’s we are building and create their customizes e-Calendar with the Data they have from their physical Calendar.

Kaala Calculator

In India it is the right time that determines what work can or cannot be done; isn’t it?

We are building the framework & API’s for calculating Kaala’s (Rahukaala, Gulikaala, Yamaganda Kaala & Abhijeet Muhurta) details for any Geo- Location around the globe. Based on a particular Location’s Sunrise/ Sunset and are developing Panchanga (Vaara, Thithi, Karana, Nakshatra, Yoga) details for the same & also build API’s for a particular belief to compute their calculations.

We will help simplify this and make our next generation follow the tradition seamlessly

Archane Platform

Archane Platform offers a special personal Pooja done by temple purohit / priests in which the name, Birth Star and family lineage of a devotee are recited to invoke guidance and blessings from the Deity Worshipped. Archane refers to chanting the names of the Deity (mostly the 108 Names), which is a central part of every puja.

Archaka Platform

In association with Akhila Karnataka Hindu Temple’s Archaka, Agamika and Upadivanthara Okkuta.

Archaka’s are “closest to God”. You can reach everyone’s prayers to the Lord, In the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic & the lockdown in Karnataka the Temples and places of worship being closed, the fate of Archaka’s, Purohit’s Priest’s, Cook’s and their families is affected badly.

We are Building a Platform to help them connect to devotees and offer them services.


For Generation Z without the knowledge of Indian texts a Calendar or the Veda’s are riddled with Sanskrit jargon; reading and interpreting them is a tedious task often the job of an astrologer or our grandmother.

With OneZero8 we will help simplify this and help make our next generation follow the tradition seamlessly.

We are currently conceptualizing a platform to help Generation Z connect to their Roots.

The Bangalore Press Calendar Project

We built a Android App & the entire platform for digitizing the 100 year old Wall calendar, which is currently being tested.

Bangalore Press is a Torchbearer with 102+ Years of legacy established in 1916. They are a custodian of Karnataka’s Heritage and Culture for over a Century. It is the first Printing Press of Mysore State set up by four visionaries and the Brainchild of Sir M Visvesvaraya, as per Advise from HH Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar along with Sir KP Puttanna Chetty & Rao Bahadur Hayavadana Rao.

Bherunda Almanac

A Calendar that redefines Calendars

In association with Bherunda Media under the auspices and guidance of His Highness Yadiveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar.

The Wadiyars have been the Custodians of the rich traditions and culture of the Deccan, the Wadiyar Dynasty, over its 600 year reign. They have strived to preserve, nurture, and further cultivate the rich culture of the Deccan that was passed on to them via their predecessors. The narrative of the Deccan and that of the Wadiyars of Mysore are interwoven and the richness of the Deccan culture finds efflorescence in their age-old tradition.

We are helping conceptualize the Bherunda Calendar would be the perfect bridge between yesteryears Panchanga presented in a simple way to todays Generation Z; viz. an amalgamation of Calendar’s in Karnataka and the revisit of all Traditions of Yesteryears.