Shri N Narayanaswamy Iyengar

Shri N Narayanaswamy Iyengar

Early life

Being born into a South Indian Iyengar Family he was initiated into learning the Vedas & Agama Shastras and learnt Culinary Skills.


LS Certificate with Optional Subjects – Hygiene & Sanskrit.

Work life

Shri N Narayana Swamy Esq. started his career with the Government of Mysore as a Sanitary Inspector in May 1921 at Chitraldroog District Treasury and his work took him to Bhadravathi, Sosale in T.Narsipur Taluk and then to Kalkunte Agrahara, Hosakote Taluk. During his Government service he interacted with several Mysore Government officials, British Officials and got an opportunity to meet with  H.H. Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar, the Maharaja of Mysore during his work at the Bhadravathi Steel Plant in Bhadravati Taluk Shivamogga.

He later was appointed as Esquire(ESQ.) Before 1947, the term esquire was used by senior officers of the Indian Civil Service and other members of the government.

Esquire abbreviated Esq in the United Kingdom, historically was a title of respect accorded to men of higher social rank, particularly members of the landed gentry. This title was limited to those only who bear an office of trust under the Crown and who are styled esquires by the king in their commissions and appointments.

After these assignments he dedicated the later Years of his Life till he lived in the Service of Lord Prasanna Krishnaswamy in Tulasivanam, Balepet, Bangalore to follow his calling & passion.

Some of his most loved preparations were Chiroti, Sweet Pongal, Kadale Mithai (Peanut Ladoo) Puliogare and Curd Rice . Hence he was also invited by many Rao Bahadur’s & Diwan’s to cook for their Pooja Functions. Hearing from his Diwans and R.B’s H.H Jayachamaraja Wadiyar, The Maharaja of Mysore invited him to cook Chiroti at the Palace and thus became famous as Chiroti Narayana Iyengar.

A 1921 Recipe written down by Shri Narayanaswamy Iyengar as taught to him by his Father Shri N Venkatachar

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Keeping in mind his Work and his Passion and his thoughts

When we Dream, Its an Ambition
When we Chase the Dream, Its Determination

He truly ignited our dreams and left a bit of himself in us which made us a few of us his Children, Grand Children and Great-grandchildren think when were working on relief with the Archakara, Agamikara and Updivanthara Federations and on how to combine our Grandfathers Work & Passion – Health & Cooking that we need to truly get back to our roots.

99 Years later in our Commitment to saying #Connect to #Roots we are currently conceptualizing a platform to help Generation Z to connect to their Roots and are on the verge of helping to create Temple Self Help Groups and a new product to boost immunity

Chiroti & Co (In service since 1921) Now Officially launching 99 Years later in 2020

Stay Tuned updates coming soon…