Sri Kille Ranganathaswamy Temple, Kote, Kanakapura

Since May 2023, Culkey Foundation has been dedicated to maintaining and preserving this sacred temple. Our efforts have ensured that the temple remains a place of peace, worship, and community for all who visit. However, the ongoing care and maintenance of this revered site require continuous support.

We are now reaching out to generous donors who can help us sustain these vital activities. Your contributions will enable us to keep the temple in pristine condition, support regular upkeep, and ensure that this religious site remains a cherished sanctuary for future generations. By donating, you will play a crucial role in maintaining the spiritual and cultural heritage embodied by this temple.

Join us in our mission to preserve this important religious site. Your support will make a significant difference in our efforts to uphold its beauty and sanctity.

Annual Donation Amount: ₹3,60,000

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