Culkey Foundation 


Sree Rama Video Competition

for age  group 5 to 15 

How do you take part?

  1. Pick a Scene from the Ramayana
  2. Choose to Tell a Story, Sing a Song (Carnatic) or Dance the same ( Can be any Indian Classical Dance form)
  3. Record the Video that summarises the scene you picked
  4. Submit the Video to via Google Drive – All Video’s would be uploaded on our Youtube Channel
  5. Receive Certificates for participation and the best video wins a Prize

Terms & Conditions

  • Video will be judged on story formation, storyline and Ucharana ( Pronunciation) for Story, for story formation, storyline and Shruthi for singing and Choreography for Dance
  • Any submissions after April 20, 2023 are automatically discarded
  • Three winner will be picked from three categories respectively
  • Entry can be in Hindi, Kannada, English Tamil and Telugu Language else if you prefer to talk in any other Language please do mention in your email.
  • Video length should be 4-6 minutes with an intro of Students full name
  • Videos entry can be sent to us via Google Drive
  • Resolution should be HD
  • Please take horizontal View
  • Background should not be white if they are wearing white dress
  • Try to avoid noisy place
  • Try to use a Stand and not submit a video that is shaking
  • Jury decision will be final on who is the winner


Start: March 30, 2023

End: April 20, 2023

Announcement & Prize Distribution: April 30, 2023

12 + 12 =

Have any Questions?

Write to Whatsapp on +91 97310 04042