Culkey Foundation 


Sree Rama Video Competition

for age  group 4 to 15 (Age Categories: 4-7, 8-11, 12-15)

Results Coming Soon

How do you take part?

  1. Pick a Scene from the Ramayana
  2. Choose to Tell a Story, Sing a Song (Carnatic) or Dance the same ( Can be any Indian Classical Dance form)
  3. Record the Video that summarises the scene you picked
  4. Submit the Video to via Google Drive – All Video’s would be uploaded on our Youtube Channel
  5. Entries Start on Ramanavami – 21st April 2021
  6. Submission end 15th May 2021 at 6pm, Results will be announced on 25th May 2021, Sri Narasimha Jayanthi.
  7. Receive Certificates for participation and the best video wins a Prize

Terms & Conditions

  • Video will be judged on story formation, storyline and Ucharana ( Pronunciation) for Story, for story formation, storyline and Shruthi for singing and Choreography for Dance
  • Any submissions after 5th May 2021 are automatically discarded
  • Three winner will be picked from three categories respectively
  • Entry can be in Hindi, Kannada, English Tamil and Telugu Language else if you prefer to talk in any other Language please do mention in your email.
  • Video length should be 4-6 minutes with an intro of Students full name
  • Videos entry can be sent to us via Google Drive
  • Resolution should be HD
  • Please take horizontal View
  • Background should not be white if they are wearing white dress
  • Try to avoid noisy place
  • Try to use a Stand and not submit a video that is shaking
  • Jury decision will be final on who is the winner

Have any Questions?

Write to Whatsapp on +91 97310 04042