Culkey Foundation envisions to help an individual connect to their roots, traditions and culture.

We are building a network to help preserve heritage temples in poor condition and help in the restoration of  temples to their ancient glory, impact local economy through the same and publish historical, religious, and architectural data locally and online.
are building a Culture Digital Assistant & Platform  for Generation Z & beyond


For Generation Z without the knowledge of Indian texts our tradition is riddled with jargon; reading and interpreting them is a tedious task often the job of an astrologer or our grandmother. People are finding it difficult to make their children understand / follow the family / sect-specific cultural values & rituals

Adding to the above temples are our precious heritage & have also been the lifeline of the rural lives and economy over ages. Several of them, many centuries old, are the last vestiges of our ancient culture representing significant chapters in our history. So are the cultural assets in the communities around them in the form of art forms such as Music, Dance, Folklore, Food and Festivities.

Unfortunately, these have been registering a sharp decline over time due to neglect. Hence we are building a platform to help restore them and also preserve them for the future generations, digitally.

Board of Directors

Shri Prashanth Prakash

Shri E S Ramamurthy
Executive Director

Shri Aprameya Radhakrishna

Shri Arjun Santhanakrishnan

Shri Satish Shekar

Shri Karthik Kittu

Advisors & Mentors

Prof. S  Sadagopan
Founder Director, IIITB
Chief Mentor, Culkey Foundation

Dr. CS Kedar (IAS, Retd.)
Former Joint Cabinet Secretary, GoI & Former Secretary – Kannada & Culture, GoK
Advisor, Culkey Foundation

Dr. V G Kiran Kumar
Director, Vishal Infrastructure Ltd
Chairman CSR- FKCCI
Advisor, Culkey Foundation

Vidwan Rangarajan
Former HoD-Sanskit College, Melukote, Panchanga Creator & Reviewer

K S N Dikshit
General Secretary
Archaka Okkuta

Vidwan B R Pattabhirama Bhattar
Vice President, Archaka Okkuta

Sheela Arvind
Practicing Company Secretary


Shri Hemanth D
Cluster Manager – Karnataka


Akhila Karnataka, Archaka-Agamika and Upadivantara Okkuta

Bherunda Media


Takshay Labs

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