Current Projects

Project #Nammadevasthana

& #Enkovil

Rejuvenating Temples in Public Private Partnership Mode

Namma Devasthana / Enkovil is a Platform envisioned to help you connect with your roots, traditions and culture through  participation in the restoration of our temples to  their ancient glory.

Mission Goal

The main goal of the platform is to assist in the preservation of heritage temples, presently in poor condition and in need of help to sustain themselves, through crowd sourced funding. By bringing up in the public domain their historical, religious, and architectural data, a fillip is also expected to be given to the various art forms unique to them, while conserving the associated rituals and Vedic texts. The increased footfalls that are obtained as a result is expected to impact local economy as well.


Temples that are our precious heritage have their deep roots in Vedic Traditions and have invariably been the epicentre of activity in the respective communities over ages. Several of them, many centuries old, are the last vestiges our ancient culture representing significant chapters in our history. So are the cultural assets in the communities around them in the form of art forms such as Music, Dance, Folklore, Food and Festivities. Unfortunately, these have been registering a sharp decline over time and gradually disappearing due to neglect. 

Sthala Puranas for these temples describe their importance and religious significance in the context of our Ithihasas and Puranas.  These have often been written by sages and saints; they have been passed over to successive generations through Pandits and learned Scholars in and around the community, sometimes in writing and often orally. These too are being lost gradually due to erosion of such local wisdom arising from large-scale migration and lack of support. In many of the temples the last vestiges now rest with the passing generation of the local priests and Pandits. These are likely to be lost forever unless we act on it now.

On a physical level, the Premises are often seen to be littered with debris and junk, and overrun by weeds.  ​Even the structures have growth of such weeds which if ignored are bound to weaken them over a period of time​. The priests in these temples are unable to carry out even the daily Pujas and rituals due to lack of adequate funds. It is sad that they- though poorly remunerated themselves- often step in with their meagre personal income to ensure these are carried out without a break.

Most temples come under the control of the Government administered by a department and controlled through Rules and Regulations prescribed for the purpose, the structure being different and unique to each State.  With paucity of funds arising from inadequate allocations under the budget, this eco-system needs intervention of and participation from Voluntary Sector Initiatives to address the above issues.

Our Temple Projects

Projects in Karnataka:

1. Sri Rama Temple, Kudlur Village, Channapatna Taluk, Ramanagara District

Historical Significance: The place where Lord Rama gave Moksha to Jatayu and Rama stands alone as Rama the Healer.

Summary of Activities:

  • Cleared the temple premises of debris, weeds, plastic pieces etc,.
  • Removed Graffiti from walls & Did a Acid Wash
  • Removed weeds growing on the temple structure
  • Built a ‘in house’ garden to grow flowers for worship & Fenced it
  • Toilet Reconstruction Started
  • Pooja to Deity was done only in Morning, now it is being done in the morning and evening as Poojari is Renumerated
  • All Necessary Pooja Items like Oil, Ghee, Flowers, are given
  • Prasadam is prepared daily (Calendar Day wise – Puliogare, Curd Rice, Sweet Pongal, Coconut Rice, Lemon, Rice) One item a day on rotation and distributed
  • The Localites have joined hands in maintaining the Temple and a sense of ownership has come back
  • Deepavali and Vishnu Deepam Festival celebrated with Pomp and Glory
  • Overall Footfall for Deepavali 200+, for Vishnu Deepa 300+
  • Temple is on social media, has a separate Account on Koo and Pooja’s etc are posted.
  • Temple goes Live on Zoom and FB during Special Pooja Days
Projects in Karnataka:

2.Sri Ranganatha Temple, Thippanahalli Village, Chikkaballapura Taluk, Chikkaballapura District

Historical Significance: The  idols of this temple as well as that of Srirangam and Srirangapatna were installed on the same day.

Projects in Tamil Nadu:

1. Arulmigu Kodhandaramaswami Koil, Adhambar Village, Nannilam Taluk, Tiruvarur District

Historical Significance: Lord Rama decided to kill the Deer Maaricha at Adambar, hence known for decision making

Projects in Tamil Nadu:

2. Arulmigu Manickeswarar Temple, Parawakkarai Village, Kodavasal Taluk, Tiruvarur District

Historical Significance: The name of the deity derives from the fact Nayanar Manikkavasagar came here and prayed after attaining Diksha. Legend says that Lord Ganesha takes Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshana Chakra and eats it. Lord Vishnu prays to Lord Ganesha to Dance and he releases the Sudarshana Chakra.


In India it is the right time that determines what work can or cannot be done; isn’t it? We have built the framework for calculating Kaala (Rahukaala, Gulikaala, Yamaganda Kaala) details for any Geo- Location around the globe. Based on a particular Location’s Sunrise/Sunset and are developing Panchanga (Vaara, Thithi, Karana, Nakshatra, Yoga) details for the same.

Our Research Initiatives

Bharat Calendar

The last calendar committee report from Government of India was published in 1955; we have been researching how calendars have transformed since Indus Valley civilisation till now and working to build a unified Bharat Calendar Interface as many follow 2-3 Calendars & different Calculations to see if we could help revive the calendar committee report.


We are currently conceptualizing a platform to help Generation Z connect to their Roots where Temples, Archaka’s andPurohit’s could connect to devotees and offer them the services in association with Akhila Karnataka Hindu Temple’s Archaka, Agamika and Upadivanthara Federation.

Past Projects

Bangalore Press Digitization & App Project

Bangalore Press is a Torchbearer with 102+ Years of legacy established in 1916. They are a custodian of Karnataka’s Heritage and Culture for over a Century. It is the first Printing Press of Mysore State set up by four visionaries and the Brainchild of Sir M Vishweshwaraya, as per Advise from HH Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar along with Sir KP Puttanna Chetty & Rao Bahadur Hayavadana Rao. It was the Official Publisher of the Royal Family of Mysore & press had the distinction of being the Printer by appointment to the Maharaja of Mysore.

We built a Android App & the entire platform for digitizing the 100 year old Wall calendar, which is currently being tested

Bherunda Media Almanac Design & App design Project

Bherunda Media Private Limited  a company registered under the Companies Act is the Company chaired by His Highness Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, representing His Highness Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar and the Royal Household of Mysore for any digital projects for collaboration and execution in the fields of Technology for Culture, Art & Heritage deep-rooted Indian Philosophy and Culture and other allied fields and also to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Mysore and the Maharaja’s of Mysore

We designed the Bherunda Media Almanac and its UI

COVID-19 Relief Work

We ran a campaign to support & help the Temple Archaka’s, Temple Purohit’s, Assistant Archaka’s and Cook’s with the advise of Karnataka Archakara, Agamikara & Upadhivanthara (Priests) Sangha.